WAHF seeks to promote the health, nutritional status and welfare of the people, particularly women and children, of the sub-region through local and unrestricted community outreach programs.

The public health educational issues that WAHF aspires to cover in order to advance its goals are:


It is the vision of WAHF to establish a teaching hospital of excellence vital to the whole of West Africa and to provide support, education, faculty and equipment to clinics and communities in rural areas, as well as to conduct epidemiological and disease prevention research.

The envisaged Hospital of Excellence shall provide:

Executive Summary

The West Africa Health Foundation (WAHF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization formed by a group of physicians concerned with the poor health and nutritional status of the people, particularly children and women, of the West African sub-region. The major causes of mortality and morbidity in this sub-region could be prevented or reduced substantially through effective health and nutritional education at a fraction of the cost currently expended by the governments and individuals in managing these problems.

WAHF aspires to play a part in the arduous task of health-care provision in this sub-region by educating the population to recognize and manage the commonest ailments and afflictions. Disease prevention through life style changes and good nutritional habits shall be fostered. The people of the sub-region shall be empowered to take their health care needs in their own hands as much as possible. And when all else fails, to have at their disposal, health-care facilities that shall provide compassionate, effective basic and advanced care.